Second Homeland "Lina Yakubova"
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Second Homeland
Part 1 – Urmi, Part 2- Community

The first part of the film talks about the Assyrian settlements located in the north of Iran in a beautiful region called Urmia, where Assyrians have been living for the last few centuries.

The second part is about today’s lives of the Assyrians, the community, Assyrian churches in the capital of modern Iran, Teheran.

Producer and writer Lina Yakubova
Director Artak Avdalyan
Director of photography Artak Avdalyan
Editor David Avdalyan
Composer Vahan Artcrouni
Translator Lianna Grigoryan

Narrator Tigran Khzmalyan

Film sponsored by Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation., Chicago, IL &
Assyrian Academic Society, Chicago, IL.

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