Ancestral Home "Lina Yakubova"
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Ancestral Home
 Part I- Syria (Asoriq), Part II – Khabur, Part III – Heritage

Today the Syrian Arab Republic is a unique country where a lot of peoples and tribes left their traces. In the Middle Ages, this territory was called Asorik in the Armenian sources. Christian culture, the school of the Middle Ages and education developed here.

After tragic events of 1933 in the North of Iraq after massacres of the Assyrian villages, Assyrian refugees move to Syria. They start building a new life in the region of Al-Khasaka.

Producer and writer Lina Yakubova 

Director Artak Avdalyan

Director of photography Karen Stepanyan

Editor David Avdalyan

Composer Vahan Artsruni
 Narrator  Saro Solis

Translator Lianna Gevorgyan 
English Language
consultant Tiglad Ashrian

Additional voices Ramin Ashurian

Arab Language consultant Maryam Alaverdova

Film sponsored by Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation. Chicago, IL

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