Gilgamesh 2700 BC Sumerian king - Patina Bronze
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Gilgamesh, known as Bilgameá¹£ in the earliest text, was the fifth king of Uruk (Early Dynastic II, first dynasty of Uruk), ruling circa 2700 BC, according to the Sumerian king list. According to the Tummal Inscription, Gilgamesh, and his son Urlugal, rebuilt the sanctuary of the goddess Ninlil, in Tummal, a sacred quarter in her city of Nippur. Gilgamesh is the central character in the Epic of Gilgamesh, the greatest surviving work of early Mesopotamian literature. In the epic his father was Lugalbanda and his mother was Ninsun (whom some call Rimat Ninsun), a goddess. Gilgamesh is described as two parts god and one part man.

Polyresin with a patina bronze finish.

Width: 3
Length: 9
Height: 19
Weight: 12 lb

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