Assyrian Christian Genocide
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A one time demonstration or a special prayer for our Assyrians back home is not going to do it, we have to be RELENTLESS!

If we want the world to show any respect for our efforts, we have to be their voices and their faces everyday. The world should hear us loud and clear everyday. One of the things we can do is simply wear this tee shirt with a massage that will start a conversation with a non Assyrian. We can wear them everywhere we usually travel everyday.


While we go shopping or walking or to the movies or perhaps a coffee shop or to work. Everywhere you go there is an opportunity to enlighten others and when they ask about your shirt, simply hand them this small note card that you keep in your wallet or hand bag and ask them call the White House or any news media outlet and simply ask them WHY?

You can add your WHY to it, or come up with a better question. I know you are smarter than me but we cannot have one demonstration and go home, I don't understand my Assyrian nation. I'll never forget a phone call from friend of mine, he said we have our life to live too really!? who is stopping you? My comments? You don't have to buy this tee shirts you can print your own this is just an idea.



It's your call but if you are ashamed or embarrassed to wear this kind of tee shirt to be the voice and face of your fellow Assyrians I have no words for you except maybe to repeat my Assyrian friends comment WE HAVE OUR LIFE TO LIVE TOO and they deserve to live safe lives too.

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