After immigrating to the United States in 1978, I soon realized the difficulty of maintaining the customs of my heritage while trying to assimilate into American culture. This dilemma, it seemed, was common among my people: I feared that the Assyrian Nation, having no homeland, would be lost in this vast, welcoming country. This motivated me to become active in preserving over 7000 years of our rich culture for future generations.

 The Assyrian people, being the first Christians, have experienced persecution throughout history specially now in our home land Iraq, and as a result we are scattered throughout the world. Reaching our various communities presented a challenge. With the help of the Internet, however, I was able to set up an online company in 1991, Waw Allap, which is available to Assyrians worldwide.

 Waw Allap, the company, was created in 1984 and offered wearable promoting Assyrian pride. In 1985, my services expanded to include designing the poster for the San Jose Assyrian Convention.

 In 1995, Waw Allap grew again to incorporate a line of Assyrian artifact reproductions. All most every piece is made in Waw Allap studio is a testament to the inspiration of the original; its artistry is replicated to the minutest detail.

 My ambition for Waw Allap has always been a three-pronged goal: preservation, quality, and commitment.

 In the future, I foresee Waw Allap becoming a resource base for Assyrian information, as well as continuing to offer the finest quality in Assyrian merchandise.

 As Waw Allap continues to expand, I hope its visitors will be patient with the growing process. In the near future, the site will boast a wider selection of books and music as well as several new additions to the artifact collection. I invite Waw Allap visitors to check its progress regularly.

My dedication to the preservation of the Assyrian heritage promises that this website will continue to flourish. I am open to any suggestions to make this site a more valuable resource. Please feel encouraged to contact and advise me via email: marodeen@wawallap.com or phone: 909.319.8030

My God Bless our Assyrian Nation